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Our Commitment to Quality

Ascot Finishers place special emphasis on quality as far as customer experience is concerned.

Bespoke Quality Plan and Work Instructions

Providing tailor made solutions such as bespoke quality plans and work instructions is far from normal practice in our industry – but it’s something we do often. By going into this level of detail we are able to stop problems before they happen, saving our customers time and money. We appreciate many of our customers will have individual needs, which a standard set of universal job cards will not address. We offer a little bit more than the rest. Planning how to give you the best possible finish starts well before we receive your order. We often talk through and design bespoke plans and work instructions, our high profile customers prefer things that way. Please see our quality section for examples of our bespoke plans.

Quality Policy

It is the policy of the organisation to provide a range of services, which meet the requirements of its customers in terms of quality standard, while at the same time complying with the needs and demands of the regulatory authorities. All work is carried out in a cost effective and timely manner, and in accordance with the highest professional standards. We strive for continual improvement and customer satisfaction through the involvement and participation of all levels of management, staff and other interested parties.

A policy for quality conforming to the requirements of our accreditation bodies has been established to ensure that it:-

  • Is appropriate to the purpose of the organisation, the expected level of customer satisfaction and the needs of other interested parties and the appropriate regulatory authorities
  • Includes a commitment to meeting requirements and to continual improvement
  • Has the resources needed and the contribution of suppliers and partners
  • Provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives
  • Demonstrates top management commitment and ensures the quality objectives are communicated, understood and implemented at appropriate levels of the organisation
  • Is regularly reviewed at the management review meeting for suitability and effectiveness addressing continual improvement and client satisfaction

Sample Worksheet (pdf)

Sample Job Card (click image to enlarge)